2020 Spring trip to Dallas

The band is planning our annual spring trip to Dallas, Texas. The tentative date of the trip will take place on April 3rd-5th and we are anticipating it to cost $520 per student. The final cost will depend on the number of students and chaperones traveling with the band. Included in the cost will be meals (all may not be accounted in trip total), lodging, transportation, tickets for entry fees to Six Flags, Medieval Times, etc. The band (or bands) will also participate The BIG “D” Classic contest held at the prestigious Meyerson Performing Arts Center.

  • Destination: Dallas, Texas
  • Dates: April 3-5, 2020
  • Transportation: Charter Bus
  • Lodging: Hotel: TBD
  • Educational opportunity: Evaluated performance at the Meyerson Center, The Big “D” Classic

Payment Schedule:

Below is a payment schedule we need to adhere to as closely as possible in order to meet our deposit and payment deadlines, as well as determine the number of students attending the trip. We would like to begin early in order to keep the trip costs per month to an affordable rate per month. The initial $110 is non-refundable so the payment costs do not increase for the remaining participants should any drop from the trip.

Payment DateAmount DueBalance
Tuesday, October 15th (nonrefundable)$110$110
Friday, November 15th$82$192
Monday, December 16th$82$274
Wednesday, January 15th$82$356
Monday, February 17th$82$438
Friday, March 13th$82 (approx.)$520

Payment includes:

  • 55 – Passenger Charter Buses
  • 2 Night Stay at a Dallas Hotel
  • Most Meals Covered
  • Six Flags over Texas with 2 Meals for Six Flags Texas
  • Extra cost: Trip to Dallas Galleria

Additional Notes

  • The performance will be a contest against other schools in each band’s category. As such, we’d like to have enough representation from each band to represent our school and the hard work our students have put in all semester.
  • This is an educational trip, so all students may attend regardless of eligibility but only those who are passing by UIL standards may perform at the competition.
  • If you are interested in chaperoning this trip, please contact Mr. Moreno for details. The number of chaperones needed will depend on the number of students signing up and the number of remaining seats on the bus. It will be first come, first served. There are only a certain number of complimentary spots, so parents may have to pay a small portion to cover the difference if additional chaperones are added above the complimentary number.
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