Knights Creed for May 31, 2020

Knight Tales:

  • Welcome to Summer! Thank you all for another wonderful year. Yet different, we are grateful for the time we had with our students. Just to clarify, all the information being sent out applies to all incoming and returning students unless otherwise stated. This will be the last Creed for this year’s seniors, please watch the band facebook page for announcements about the banquet for this year.
  • We have two more opportunities for instrument pick up. Tomorrow (Monday June 1st) from 9 am to 3 pm and Tuesday (June 2nd from 9 am to 1 pm (for band) and 1 pm to 3 pm for Guard. Individual times MUST be scheduled through Mr. Moreno. Please email (Enter through the band hall entrance, right hand parking lot of the school if facing the main entrance from 96 and exit through the hallway exit)
  • (For returning high school members only and some outgoing seniors). Please see the spring trip totals sent out by Mr. Moreno via email. Please respond with any corrections by Monday (June 1st) evening. Mr. Moreno will be submitting for checks this week.
  • The Member’s Only page on the website was created to house information we need to keep within our program only (password protected). It can be accessed at
  • Incoming 9th graders! We have posted a video regarding “mark-time” on our website under Newcomers! This video is in preparations for next year and more will be released soon.
  • On Friday our district sent out information stating their intention to begin school on August 18th pending all clearances are given from district, medical, and state officials. We are planning on continuing with summer band activities, pending the same approvals. We will send out the TENTATIVE July and August calendars, but the next page has a Rough Draft of the schedule for summer band.
  • (Also for our incoming 9th graders only!) We are hosting an “Incoming Student/Parent” meeting that gives out more details of what it means to be in the Clear Falls Knights Band. This meeting normally takes place during the week of Mini Grade Marching Camp, that we missed due to school being out. The meeting will be held on Thursday June 4th at 7 pm. Mr. Moreno will send out the zoom link later this week. We ask that a parent and student be present for the meeting. In the event that either or both are not able to attend, please notify us via email to If a parent cannot attend with the student, please send Mr. Moreno notification via email that your student has permission to attend by themselves. We apologize for the late notice of this meeting, but this comes on the heels of the district announcement from Friday.
  • (For Wind Players only) We are trying something different in our program this summer. Just like some summer reading programs, we are looking at implementing a “summer music” program focusing on Part 1 and 2 of our production “Dark Dreams”. This will involve all our 2020-2021 band students (9-12 grade for next year) playing their music for the student leadership before summer band. If your student has not been contacted by a student leader, please let Mr. Moreno know so we can setup contact that you comfortable with. Many of the programs that we are trying to compete have systems like this in place for during summer. Plus, this will help us be able to move quickly during summer band!
  • For next year all students will need to order equipment and pay fees (Fair Share) for program expenses that are not covered in what the district is able to provide for us. We have a day coming in July for these fees to be collected and for Wind and Percussion students to get fit for their uniform. This date is set for Saturday July 25th from 9 to 1 pm. There is more information on the next page and we will send out more on the equipment and fees at a later date.
  • Congratulations to our Senior Scholarship winners Corbyn Dwyer and Petyton Botik!

Summer Dates:

  • July 20th-24th Color Guard Camp/Percussion Camps: Guard will run from 8 am to 4 pm, Percussion will run from 8 am to 5 pm. More details to follow. Wind Players will not be involved in these camps.
  • July 25th (For all Band/Guard students): Equipment day. 9 to 10 am (Seniors), 10 to 11 am (Juniors), 11 am to noon (Sophomores), noon to 1 pm (9th graders). Equipment day is where equipment orders are taken for supplies needed and band fees are collected (more information soon). Also, this is where students are fit for their uniforms.
  • July 27th-July 30th (For all Band/Guard students): Summer band camp. 7 am to 6 pm.
  • August 1st (Saturday): 8 am to 11 am drill setting. UIL does not allow programs to set drill until August 1st. This is the first time where August 1st does not fall during the first week of camp that always starts 3 weeks before our school start date. After talking with many directors across our area, having this rehearsal seems to be a consensus so we will give the band/guard Friday July 31st off, but we will have a brief drill setting rehearsal on Saturday August 1st.
  • August 3rd-August 6th (For all Band/Guard students): 2nd week of summer camp.
  • August 7th: “I Survived Band Camp” Lock-in. Not required for any student to attend. This is a social event run by our student social officers. There will be games and food. No cost for entrance. There will be a cost only if your student wants to eat at this event.
  • August 10th-14th: Full Band Rehearsals 4-8 pm. Parent showcase at CFHS band parking lot on August 14th at 7 pm.
  • *Please note that if a student misses the dates aboved, it could determine placement in the show as a Varsity or JV marcher/percussion/guard member. All students will be involved in the marching show, but commitment is considered for a Varsity spot amongst other varables. For more information about Varsity and JV marchers, please see our band handbook pg. 17-18 ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

Guard Corner:

  • Thank you for the meeting the other night. Mrs. Clyburn will be sending out a follow up email.
  • Guard pick up is set for Tuesday from 1-3 pm. Please schedule an individual time with Mr. Moreno
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